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Marc and Tracey M

Lori Holden Scott was such a joy to work with. I could not have asked for a better person to guide me
through the process of buying a home on Mercer Island. She took the time to spend a day with me showing
me around the island before we began viewing houses, which made a huge difference with understanding
location preferences and neighborhoods. She was not only so knowledgeable about Mercer Island itself, but
also very knowledgeable about house value and what I should expect for a particular price based on where I
was looking on the island. She is also not afraid to give her honest opinion if you ask for it, which is
something I truly appreciate. Once we put in an offer on a house, Lori was terrific with negotiating the price
and and inspection items in a manor that worked for both the buyer and seller. She was extremely accessible
and helpful throughout the entire process. I would absolutely recommend Lori, and she will definitely be the
first person I call if we decide to move again.